On August 10 over 4,200 pounds of food was delivered to Jok Dau and Bol Aweng’s village. Many families have moved back to the village because of the availability of food for their children. Thank you to all who have donated to make this possible.

Below is a link to a United Nations video presentation about the current crisis. It is tells the story very well of the origin of the crisis and the impending famine in South Sudan. It presents the history of the crisis and the current situation of flooding and lack of food. Bor, the city talked about in the video, is 60 miles south of Piol, where the Buckeye Health Clinic is located.


Because so little information is available in local or international news about what is going on in South Sudan, please share this link with anyone you think might be interested by email or Facebook. This will help others be aware of what is happening in South Sudan. Maybe they would be moved to act to help.

Negotiations toward a peaceful resolution of this crisis continue in Ethiopia. However, not much progress has been made. A ceasefire has been agreed to three times and violated almost immediately by both sides. The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) The East African organization mediating the process, recently suspended the talks to allow the two parties to talk directly to develop the structure of an interim government. We will wait to see if this creates any progress toward peace. In the mean time, almost two million South Sudanese continue to be internally displaced within the South Sudan or have fled to other countries. The great majority are without adequate food, water, shelter, or health care.

Please consider donating $25 or more, so the Buckeye Health Clinic can continue to provide life saving food to the Piol area. 100% of donations go directly to the purchase and delivery of food. Contributions can be made on line at www.southsudanclinic.org or a check can be mailed to Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church / South Sudan Clinic, 4343 Dublin Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026.