Artist in the School: Bol Aweng

Bol Aweng is available to visit schools as an artist in the school program.

For several years, Bol has visited Bexley Middle School and assisted in art classes.  He shares his love for art, describes how he takes an idea, and later creates a painting.  He then assists students to create a work of art based on their thoughts and ideas.

Programs can be one time during an entire school day or in two to three different sessions.

Contact Bol Aweng at to inquire about this program or schedule an event.


Comments on Bol’s Artist day at Bexley Middle School


I think that your painting, “Two Worlds” really means something because it shows the contrast, but it also shows how we are all alike even if we live in different places. – Maddie


I was really inspired by your painting named “Two Worlds” because it shows that even though we live far away, we can still help and work together to do good things.  I am so excited to be working with you. – Julia


I loved the way you blended colors together.  Your artwork, “Two Worlds” was wonderful.  I loved how you showed the hands of people who helped and that I’m in your artwork because I helped.  – Donna


I enjoyed seeing your beautiful artwork.  It is a cool way to depict the tragic events that you faced.  The art also helped to paint a picture in my head as you told the story.  – Ford


The Journey of Hope was life hanging.   You’ve inspired me to one day become an artist and sell my work and donate the money to a good cause.  – Danner


I loved your rock art and paintings.  They were so beautiful!  You impacted me by giving me more ideas about my art and to believe in myself.  – Lana