4.Flooding MCH Patient dorm & Dining Hall
A Country in Crisis

Summer of 2020 saw unprecedented volumes of rain during the Rainy Season in South Sudan. A dyke that stretched for miles containing water from the southern White Nile River broke, and entire villages were suddenly under water, including our clinic compound in Piol, South Sudan.

4.Flooding MCH Patient dorm & Dining Hall
A Strategic Pivot
How We Are Helping

Retreating to higher ground, people began to gather and an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camp was established. Quickly growing, now over 100,000 flood victims are living here. With decreased sanitation and malaria season fast approaching, the camp identified a great need: A Clinic.
Thus, The Buckeye Satellite Clinic in Mongalla Internally Displaced Persons Camp (BSCM) was born.

4.Flooding MCH Patient dorm & Dining Hall
What is Next?
How do I Help?

The BSCM has been built and is now open! The installation of solar panels is providing light bulbs in tents and refrigeration for medication and immunizations.

Our current focus is to provide salaries for the medical staff members that have been hired to work at the clinic, as well as support the purchase of life-saving medications and medical supplies needed for daily operation.

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