July 15, 2017 is one month since professional staff began working on June 15th with other staff at the Buckeye Clinic in Piol South Sudan. Though not formally now a full-service Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC), our collaboration with the John Dau Foundation means that the Clinic is functioning as the equivalent of a PHCC. The JDF manages clinic services with support from UNICEF and the United Nations Common Humanitarian Fund.

For the first time ever, we have received a report of the medical services provided at the Buckeye Clinic in the first 30 days. The John Dau foundation is providing management of the clinic including reporting of services provided. This report is provided by Kon Abraham, Project Manager for Twic East County, John Dau Foundation. The report demonstrates that the need is great, and the volume and kinds of services provided are many. Our Buckeye Clinic Steering Committee and Buckeye Clinic Board were very impressed to see how busy the clinic is and by the depth and breadth of the clinical services. Here are some highlights:

Report of services from June 15–July 15, 2017:

  • Total number of clients seen: 1,243
  • 82 pregnant mothers were seen at the Antenatal (Prenatal) Clinic
  • 4 deliveries were assisted by staff
    • 3 at the clinic
    • 1 in the community
  • 98 children were vaccinated
  • 1023 patients were seen for outpatient visits
  • 44 patients were admitted to the clinic facilities and stayed some hours until stable enough to return home usually with medications

For this first month an average of over 40 patient visits occurred daily! Since the Buckeye Clinic is the only clinical site in South Twic East County some walked miles from distant villages for care. 14% were seen for prenatal care or for vaccinations; 83% came to the outpatient department; 3.6% were kept at the clinic until stable; 3% were new mothers who received assistance with delivery. Obviously, the need is there, and people in South Twic East County are seeking preventive care (e.g., vaccinations and prenatal care), help with childbirth, and care for many other ailments at the Buckeye Clinic.

Dale Svendsen, MD
Chair, Medical Advisory Committee
Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan
July 16, 2017