South Sudan Trip Entry 2 Posted April 29, 2013

After a very hard rain most of the morning (people here reminded me that it is the rainy season) I spent most of the day at the Republic of South Sudan Ministry of Health talking with officials.  I had very productive meetings with the directors of two very important departments.  Jok arrived this afternoon, and so did my last suitcase.  His brother and other friends also greeted him at the airport.  Jok was last in South Sudan in 2007 and did not make it to Juba.  This is a great opportunity for him to see family and friends that he has not seen for a long time.  Some as far back as 2001 when he left the refugee camp.  As you can imagine he is very happy to see everyone.


Through Jok and Bol’s connections we will have a car and driver available to us while we are in Juba.  That be very helpful and make it easier to meet with more agencies.