South Sudan Trip Entry 1 Posted April 28, 2013

I arrived in Juba, the capital of  the Republic of  South Sudan  this afternoon.  Only one of my bags arrived with me. I was met at the airport by Chris Shepherd.  I worked with his father at Walker Trucking. He helped me buy a phone to use while we are here and then leave with the the clinic staff when we leave. He also took me back to the airport and we found one bag had arrived on the next flight.  I am hoping to have better luck tomorrow with the third bag.


Juba looks a lot different than three years ago.  There are more paved roads and there is a lot of construction going on.   Tomorrow I will be making a lot of calls to set up the final appoinments with the Ministry of Health,The United Nations World Food Program and CARE International, our partner on the ground here in South Sudan.  Jok plans to arrive from Nairobi late tomorrow and it will be great to see him here in Juba.