Jok Dau and Bol Aweng fled their village twenty-four years ago from war and genocide. They survived attacks by lions and soldiers and lived 14 years in refugee camps. Now their lifelong dream is finally coming true.  This Saturday, July 9 2011, The Republic of South Sudan will officially become the world’s newest nation.


After decades of genocide and persecution by their own government, citizens of South Sudan will finally have a chance to build a nation where their voices will be heard. As many have pointed out in the months leading up to their independence, this celebration will be accompanied by serious challenges to capacity building for the new nation. And conflicts in the border areas with the North remain a serious concern. However Saturday July 9 will be a day of celebration.

Keep Jok and Bol and their families in your prayers as they travel to Chicago this weekend to celebrate the Independence Day of their homeland. Please keep all the people of Southern Sudan in your prayers as they joyfully celebrate this event.