The Buckeye Clinic provides a security fence and Emergency Medical Transport in Piol, South Sudan.  In March, a fence which surrounds the clinic compound and encloses a two-football field size area was constructed.  It will provide needed security for the village in times of attacks, and will enable the village to plant a large community garden to grow self-sustaining food. A grant from the First Community Church Foundation, and part the money from fundraising through the service learning program at Bexley Middle School partially paid for the fence. An Emergency Medical Transport (EMT) vehicle was purchased and delivered to the clinic. This will transport patients needing an additional level of care to the nearest hospital which in 40 miles away. Chief Aweng Deng thanks the Buckeye Clinic donors, including those who contributed to the clinic through the Advance fund of General Board of Global Missions of the United Methodist Church for these additions. He said that the EMT will save lives of women having difficulties late in pregnancy, and the fence will allow the village to safely grow their own food.