Return Trip to Juba Posted February 25, 2018

We had air conditioning last night and had to sleep with sheets and covers. A little different than the 90 degree evenings in Piol. Also NO MOSQUITOES!!!!! Thank God for anti malaria medication.

The three hour trip from Piol to Bor by car, the “road” is really bumpy. My step counter counted over 10,000 “steps” (really bumps) on our journey.

Everywhere we go Jok and Bol meet friends from their journey when they fled. It takes us forever to go anywhere when we are walking in the village, in Bor Town or here in Juba. But it is really exciting for me to see their greetings and how wonderful they feel seeing old friends.

Friends are everything here. When we arrived the first time in Juba with all our bags we were greeted on the runway by a cousin who put us in a car, took to an VIP waiting area where we had cold water and waited for your bags to arrive. There was no waiting in line for immigration. Actually our passports were never reviewed. We did not have to wait to have bags opened and checked which last time took hours. It pays to have friends in South Sudan. We don’t have just two, The Buckeye Clinic has many.