When Bol Aweng, Jok Dau and Steve Walker were in Pan Piol in February 2018, the staff of the Patiou PHCU told us that if we built staff tukals, they would give up the cement block staff house to be converted into a much needed patient dorm.  The Buckeye Clinic Board thanked them for their generous offer and approved construction of two, two-room steel-roofed tukals with cemented and painted walls inside and out.  Then, after the Village Health Committee (VHC) successfully requested that the PHCU be upgraded to a PHCC, the VHC requested that the Buckeye Clinic add a dining hall, a shower, and add more cell phone charging spaces. The Buckeye Clinic asked Peter Mwenda, our trusted contractor, to do the construction.

While Peter was in Piol, the PHCC staff identified the need for a kitchen.  This request was approved, and the kitchen was constructed.  

Attached are pictures of the new dining hall (green building), Kitchen (silver building) and staff tukals, as well as other pictures of where these buildings are located on the compound.  

In honor of the great work Peter and his crew accomplished, a picture of Peter and his workers is also attached.