Piol Village in Southern Sudan Gets Electricity and Hope

After months of coordination across thousands of miles, we installed a solar energy system in January at the clinic in Jok and Bol’s village. This is the first electricity in the village or anywhere within 15 miles, and it powers a refrigerator that will soon store vaccines. To the villagers it is truly a light in the darkness, symbolizing hope for a better future. A chief had once stated their need:

“If you can bring us medical care, we will wait for God to bring us food, because our young mothers are dying and our young children are dying.”

– A Chief in Piol, Sudan

This first milestone was possible thanks to efforts of Upper Arlington Freshman House D service-learning project and donations totaling $60,000 to date from clinic supporters. The system cost $10,000, plus another $5,600 to fly it in from Kenya. Bol’s family hosted the installer for three days, and his father was the first one invited to put his hand in the refrigerator. The chief and elders lined up next to experience the cold.

We are now ready to hire staff, deliver vaccines and equipment, and begin inoculating children against preventable diseases. Once complete, the $300,000 project will establish the functional clinic focused on maternal and child health. Thanks to all who have contributed so far. We need your continued prayers and support to maintain the progress. Contributions can be made by clicking on the Donate button on the website.