Graciously I would love to thanks the Almighty God for his love, protection and everything else I can’t imagine. Its has been a couple months without communication with my family and not knowing the wellbeing of our people in Piol since the start of this senseless war.

Finally we have hear something from Daniel, the pastor and inculcator at Buckeye Clinic. He has just arrived at Bor city where Steve and I had a phone contact with him, he has assured us about the safety of the clinic and people from Piol.

All families in Piol including my (Bol’s) family have escaped to the swampy land on Nile River to reduce the high risk of insecurity. All the youth, staffs and chief Aweng Deng are still in the village.

So far Daniel is more concern about the situation of everybody at the swampy land at Nile. It is worse enough as you can ever thought. Suffering is real, no food and medical supply, however, people are facing an acute hunger, trauma, water born diseases, mosquito and let alone lack of shelters and many other challenges. Mothers, children and aging are the most vulnerable group affected.

The United Nation agencies as we know are overwhelmingly serving people at UN bases and IDP camp. They have no attention to the high concentration of civilians in swampy land along the river.

We are appealing for humanitarian aid to be send to the area as soon as possibly through the Nile, anything that would change life of this community is highly appreciated. We would encourage our friends and colleague to visit to make a tax deductible contribution. Our clinic steering committee is committed to matched the first $ 2000 donated.