Back to Work in Juba Posted February 26, 2018

There is a light rain in Juba this morning. What a surprise! Garden Resort Hotel, the same place we have stayed on the last two trips. We were greeted by our favorite waitress Rosemary, who had a wonderful smile and treated us very well.. That helped because the service was really slow. We even joked with her and asked if they had to go to the Nile river to catch the fish we ordered?

Jok met with someone who will be able to help us with connections with applications for grants for non-governmental organizations registered in South Sudan. I met with thee Jonglei State coordinator for the John Dau foundation. Although there had been delays of our supplies reaching the clinic, the staff JDF hired for the Buckeye Clinic are very skilled and all are Dinka and from the area. They have a real passion for serving their community. They are very flexible and pitch in and help each other whenever it is needed, and they work really well as a team. The services they are providing are really appreciated and valued by the community. It will be Bol and my pleasure to share so much more about this trip when we next meet.